10 Finest Triceps Exercise Workouts for Constructing Muscle

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The triceps make up roughly two-thirds of your higher arm, so if you’d like greater arms, constructing your tris is a should. The issue is, each lifter has a special strategy. Some merely carry out all method of push-downs, whereas others spend an hour parked on the dumbbell rack. Which is healthier? Effectively, it is dependent upon what transfer you are making an attempt to do there.

That is why we have narrowed down your dozens of decisions to those 10 finest workout routines for constructing muscle in your higher arms utilizing the next standards:

  • Ease of studying and performing
  • Whole muscle stimulation and depth
  • Reputation amongst diehard lifters and bodybuilders (This issues!)
  • Availability of kit in industrial gyms

You can too put these strikes into motion with the three full exercises beneath. Pair one with the perfect chest workout routines on Monday, then one other with biceps on Friday, and you have a recipe for a tighter T-shirt. Simply remember to eat and complement for development, too!

10 Finest Triceps Workouts


Why it is on the listing: This transfer—also referred to as a mendacity triceps extension—hammers two of the three heads of the triceps: the lengthy and lateral heads. The preferred model is carried out on a flat bench with the elbows locked over the top (therefore the title), but it surely’s additionally nice on a decline or incline bench. It additionally works with all kinds of resistance together with not solely an EZ-bar, but in addition dumbbells, cables, and even the Smith machine. The article, “Your Full Information to Skullcrushers” provides loads of choices to select from.

Skullcrusher Variations for Triceps Progress:

In your exercise: After warming up your elbows, carry out 3-4 units for 8-12 reps as the primary or second train in your routine. Do not be a hero and danger your cranium! Hit your reps and it will assist you to construct tris to match your bis.

Shut-Grip Bench Press

Why it is on the listing: For those who’ve learn our 10 Finest Workouts guides for chest, again, or shoulders, you then already know that we favor compound (multijoint) workout routines. Why? As a result of they’re the perfect for progressive overload and muscle development. Regardless that the bench press is normally a chest train, a close-grip press has been proven to hit the triceps tougher than wider grips, significantly when carried out for heavier units.

To essentially torch the again of your arms, use an in depth grip, however maintain your palms round 8-10 inches aside. Tuck your arms in to lower the quantity of stress in your pecs and shoulders whereas rising the demand in your triceps.

Close-grip bench press forum quote

Shut-Grip Bench Press Variations for Triceps Progress:

In your exercise: Carry out this motion first or second in your exercise. Do 3-4 units of 6-10 reps. For those who’re going heavy, do not hesitate to make use of wrist wraps for additional help.

Triceps Dip

Why it is on the listing: Dips are a confirmed mass-builder on their very own. Their solely downside: Plenty of folks cannot do sufficient reps to get inside the excellent muscle-building rep vary of 8-12 reps. Both that, or they will do approach too many. Within the former case, use the assisted dip/pull-up machine or a band. Within the latter, add weight with a dip belt or a lightweight dumbbell between your knees or ft.

Dips hit each the chest and triceps, however to favor the tris, maintain your physique as vertical as doable. Do not lean ahead and maintain these elbows tight to your sides. Suppose dips will not give you the results you want? Check out any male gymnast; horseshoe triceps come normal difficulty with all these dips!

Triceps dip, weighted, gif

Dip Variations for Triceps Progress:

In your exercise: You can begin your triceps exercise with dips in the event that they’re robust for you. In any other case, use them in the course of your exercise to pump these arms filled with blood. Shoot for 3-4 units of 8-12 reps.

Bench Dip

Why it is on the listing: One other dip? Yep. EMG proof suggests that there is substantial triceps activation throughout a bench dip. How are you going to make this basic calisthenics transfer even higher? By bumping up the load with added weight!

The most effective and most secure option to load up is to have a companion place weights throughout your lap. Depth boosters like dropsets are straightforward to do: simply take away a plate to increase your set.

Bench Dip Variations for Triceps Progress:

In your exercise: Put this within the center or on the finish of your exercise, capturing for 3 units of 8-12 reps. In case you are feeling tremendous fatigued, this might not be the perfect train, since your shoulders may find yourself in a compromised place by rounding ahead.

Triceps Machine Dip

Why it is on the listing: This compound train makes it particularly straightforward to select and alter weights for various rep ranges. This makes it straightforward to do compelled reps, dropsets, and even rest-pause units to spice up your depth.

Professional tip: Many trainees mess up right here by failing to go to full triceps extension and stopping wanting absolutely bending their elbows. Your triceps are elbow extenders, so carry out the total vary of movement.

Triceps Machine Dip Variations for Triceps Progress:

In your exercise: Do that early or in the course of your exercise for 3-4 units of 6-10 reps, and you will be satisfied this is likely one of the finest arm muscle-building machines on the market. Alternately, up the reps to double digits as an upper-arm burnout.

Board Press

Why it is on the listing: Check out the bench press and you will discover that the final two-thirds of the motion is usually elbow extension—in different phrases, triceps. That is one cause why tremendous sturdy pressers prioritize triceps coaching and love the board press to do it.

The board press is a partial-rep model of the bench press the place you place 2x4s in your chest to preferentially practice the lockout. Do not have boards? A neater fitness center hack could also be merely to maneuver a bench contained in the rack and set the pins just a few inches off your chest.

Board press forum quote

Board Press Variations for Triceps Progress

In your exercise: Hit this early in your triceps routine and go heavy! Shoot for the low finish of the hypertrophy rep vary at round 4 units of 8 reps. For those who’re a giant presser, put on your elbow sleeves to remain sturdy and within the groove.

Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension

Why it is on the listing: As soon as your arms go overhead, the lengthy head of the triceps will get prioritized. This head is tough to focus on in any other case, which is why it is all the time a good suggestion to incorporate some type of overhead train in your triceps exercise.

Fortunately, you could have choices! You may go one arm or two, seated or standing, and if in case you have a companion, you possibly can go heavy and do some compelled reps.

Seated overhead dumbbell extension, triceps exercise gif

Dumbbell Overhead Extension Variations for Triceps Progress:

In your exercise: Do your extensions towards the second half of your exercise, after heavier actions, for round 3 units of 8-10 reps. Focus on getting a superb stretch through the eccentric portion of the carry as you decrease the load.

Cable Overhead Extension with Rope

Why it is on the listing: Like dumbbell overhead work, cable overhead presses deal with the usually underdeveloped lengthy head. The fixed pressure offered by the cable may really make this a more sensible choice than dumbbells in case you’re selecting between the 2.

Cable Overhead Extension Variations for Triceps Progress:

In your exercise: It is a nice second or third train instead of push-downs in case you do 3 units of 8-12 reps.

Single-Arm Cable Kick-Again

Why it is on the listing: We’re not huge followers of the dumbbell kick-back as a result of there are such a lot of methods to cheat it and the angle of resistance is much less efficient than what you possibly can obtain with a resistance band or cable. Surprisingly, one examine by ACE health discovered {that a} well-executed kick-back might be as efficient at activating the triceps as both dips or overhead extensions.

Simply ensure you do not drop your elbow—a quite common mistake, however one which’s necessary sufficient to qualify for the “Legal guidelines of Triceps Coaching.” Maintain your higher arm parallel to the ground as you absolutely lengthen your elbow and squeeze. Do not use a deal with right here, simply seize the rubber ball on the finish of the cable. Alternately, you need to use a resistance band.

Kick-Again Variations for Triceps Progress:

In your exercise: Most contraction is vital and you will not have the ability to go very heavy with this train, so place it final in your routine. Shoot for 3 units of 10-12 reps. To optimize this cable kick-back for optimum muscle activation, take a bench and incline it as much as about 60 levels. Going through the load stack together with your chest on the bench, carry out the cable kick-back together with your higher arm locked parallel to the ground.

Cable Push-Down

Why it is on the listing: For a lot of lifters, that is the quintessential triceps burnout transfer, and for good cause. It successfully targets the lateral head, is straightforward to carry out—simply do not let your arms drift out of your sides!—and lends itself simply to dropsets.

Cable rope push-down, triceps exercise gif

Cable Push-Down Variations for Triceps Progress:

In your exercise: Since it is a single-joint or “isolation” train, do it towards the top of your exercise for 3 units of 10-12 reps or barely greater.

Finest Body weight Selection: Shut-Grip Push-Up

Why it is on the listing: In contrast to different muscle teams such because the again, you could have loads of decisions to coach your triceps with physique weight alone. So take into account this a bonus addition to this listing! And in case you’re an aspiring body weight bodybuilder, that you must know the close-grip push-up.

Conventional push-ups are normally finished with the palms simply exterior of shoulder width to permit the pecs to do a lot of the work. However bringing your palms in and tucking your elbows can produce better muscle exercise in each the triceps and the pecs.

Shut-Grip Push-Up Variations for Triceps Progress:

In your exercise: Do that as a ending train. If units out of your toes are too straightforward, put your ft up on a bench or have a companion put a weight plate in your again.

Finest Triceps Exercises

Laborious and Heavy Triceps Exercise

For those who’re somebody who neglects to coach triceps as laborious as biceps, this high-volume exercise is for you. It begins with heavy skullcrushers, then switches to lighter dumbbell and cable variations.

Laborious and Heavy Triceps Exercise


Incline EZ-bar skullcrusher

4 units, 6-8 reps (relaxation 90 sec. )


Triceps dip

If you cannot carry out 8-12 reps with physique weight, carry out band-assisted or machine-assisted reps. Add weight if wanted to hit goal rep vary.

4 units, 8-12 reps (relaxation 90 sec. )



Carry out the entire reps on one aspect, then swap to the opposite. Do not relaxation between sides and relaxation 1 min. between units.

Single-arm dumbbell triceps extension

3 units, 10-12 reps (left aspect, no relaxation)

Single-arm dumbbell triceps extension

3 units, 10-12 reps (proper aspect, relaxation 1 min. )


3 units, 10-12 reps (relaxation 1 min. )

Triceps Exercise for Novices

Have you ever been responsible of crushing curls and skipping triceps? Use these three strikes to provide your arms every part they should get stronger and develop. This exercise might be added on to your chest or biceps day, but it surely’s additionally nice by itself at a decrease quantity 2-3 days per week. That is the strategy taken within the well-liked program Six Weeks to Sick Arms by Jim Stoppani.

Triceps Exercise for Novices


3 units, 12, 10, 8 reps (relaxation 90 sec. )


Low cable overhead triceps extension

3 units, 12, 10, 10 reps (relaxation 90 sec. )


Bench Dip

Add weight if vital to remain within the rep vary.

3 units, 15, 12, 12 reps (relaxation 90 sec. )

Machine Pump Triceps Exercise

Acquired that pre-workout flowing? Get an excellent upper-arm pump and focus in your mind-muscle reference to this high-rep, short-rest exercise. Utilizing machines makes it straightforward to combine in some dropsets and rest-pause units to get essentially the most that your triceps have to provide.

Machine Pump Triceps Exercise


3 units, 8-10 reps (relaxation 90 sec. )



Carry out the entire reps on one aspect, then swap to the opposite. Do not relaxation between sides and relaxation 1 min. between units.

Single-Arm Cable Pushdown

3 units, 8-10 reps (left aspect, no relaxation)

Single-Arm Cable Pushdown

3 units, 8-10 reps (proper aspect, relaxation 1 min. )


Low cable overhead triceps extension

3 units, 10-12 reps (relaxation 1 min. )


Machine Triceps Press-Down

3 units, 10-12, 10-12, 12-15 reps (relaxation 1 min. )

Finest Triceps-Constructing Applications

What Are the Finest Triceps Applications for Mass?

The most effective triceps-building applications function arm exercises you may be wanting ahead to all week lengthy. Raise heavy, end with a pump, and provides your triceps every part they should develop.

To observe the same blueprint to construct the remainder of your physique, take a look at the companion items on this collection:

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