6 Huge Causes Your Calves Aren’t Rising

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No muscle group is as cussed to develop as calves. Years of little-to-no progress compels loads of lifters to neglect their decrease legs totally and principally put their calves out to pasture. They change into the “my calves do not develop” kind of particular person.

There may be hope to your lagging gastrocs! Listed here are six frequent however preventable muscle-growth errors that get in the way in which of calf good points, in addition to a calf exercise that is introduced me unimaginable outcomes.

Mistake 1: Coaching Calves at the Finish of Your Leg Exercise

Very similar to the rear delts on shoulder day, calves are sometimes saved for the final a part of a killer leg exercise. At this level, you are drained and barely capable of muster up the vitality for a few half-assed units.

Should you actually wish to make your calves stand out, prepare them the way in which you prepare your again or chest: contemporary and to finish exhaustion.

A Higher Means: If calves are a excessive precedence, then deal with them that manner! You may prepare them first on leg day, or when you’re making an attempt to hit your higher legs super-hard as nicely, do calves on a special day. For instance, four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler likes to hit calves with chest to begin his week.

Mistake 2: Limiting Your Reps

Typical lifter knowledge says to restrict your self to not more than 10-15 reps for muscle development. Nonetheless, “standard lifters” additionally want their calves have been greater! My recommendation: When coaching calves, throw conference out the window.

A Higher Means: Embrace excessive quantity! I by no means do lower than 20 reps per set after I prepare my calves, and normally it is extra like 25-30. This opens up a whole lot of completely different potentialities of how you can organize your exercise. A couple of embrace:

  • Straight units with a single weight
  • Double or triple 10-rep dropsets, like within the exercise under
  • A 100-rep “demise set” with a weight you’ll be able to deal with for 20 reps

Take a pre-workout 30-45 minutes earlier than coaching to assist management fatigue throughout high-rep leg days.

Mistake 3: Solely Coaching Standing or Seated Calf Raises

Loads of individuals solely do one kind of calf raises: both standing or seated. If you’d like sock-stretching calves, you want each. Why? As a result of your calves are made up of two muscle tissues: 

  • Gastrocnemius: Higher/outer a part of calves, primarily stimulated by standing workouts.
  • Soleus: Decrease/deeper a part of calves, primarily stimulated by seated workouts.
Anatomy of the calves diagram

A Higher Means: Embody one standing and one seated train per calf exercise. That is the strategy you will discover within the Lean Physique 12-week exercise plan created by my father, champion bodybuilder (with monstrous calves) Lee Labrada. Going for further good points? Carry out one seated, one standing, and one with knees barely bent, like within the exercise under.

Mistake 4: Utilizing Too A lot Weight

Loads of lifters swear it’s a must to prepare calves heavy to make them develop. I fully agree, as I clarify in “3 Strikes to Larger Calves.” Nonetheless, when you use weight that is so heavy you’ll be able to’t do an train correctly, you are simply robbing your self of good points.

Undecided when you’re going too heavy? Listed here are a couple of methods to inform:

  • Your ankles get compelled out of line with the remainder of your leg throughout any portion of the rep.
  • You may’t carry out standing calf raises with out bending your knees, or seated calf raises with out utilizing your arms to tug the load up.
  • You’re feeling ache in the arch of your foot or your Achilles tendon.

A Higher Means: Use a weight you’ll be able to handle with strict type and deal with perfection with every rep: a full contraction, gradual destructive, and a full stretch.

On heavy straight-leg calf actions like Smith machine raises, Hunter wears a leather-based lifting belt to guard his decrease again. 

Mistake 5: Not Contracting the Muscle Arduous Sufficient

I can spot a half-ass calf exercise from throughout the health club. It appears to be like one in all two methods: Simply bouncing the load within the backside place or wiggling up and down within the center 50 % of the vary of movement.

Certain, bouncing reps will make you sore, and doing mid-range partials will make your calves burn like loopy. However do not confuse both of these with development! If you’d like dimension, it’s essential deal with the squeeze and contraction—i.e., the highest a part of the motion.

A Higher Means: Optimize the highest of every rep by pushing as excessive up onto the balls of your ft as potential. It takes a acutely aware effort and psychological focus. Those that have tried my Superior Arms Exercise know the distinction a giant squeeze on the prime will make within the high quality of your exercise.

Single-leg leg press calf raise

Mistake 6: Focusing Too A lot on Particulars

We have all heard that pointing your toes in, out, and straight forward will hit your calves from numerous angles. Here is how the logic goes:

  • Level toes in: Shifts focus to outer gastroc
  • Level toes out: Shifts focus to interior gastroc
  • Toes straight forward: Equal deal with interior and outer gastroc

There’s undoubtedly some fact to this strategy, however it’s a minor element—far decrease than choosing the perfect workouts and doing them nicely. And the draw back of putting your toes at excessive angles is it places pointless stress on the connective tissues in your ankles and knees.

A Higher Means: Do not get too fancy together with your toe angle. An inch in or out is a lot! Give attention to doing the massive issues proper for weeks or months straight greater than on the small print.

Hunter Labrada’s Killer Calf Exercise

I’ve carried out this exercise religiously twice per week during the last yr and have seen unimaginable outcomes. Sure, I am a professional bodybuilder, however it might work simply as nicely for on a regular basis lifters when you dial again the amount to your skills.  

Hunter Labrada’s 3-Transfer Calf Exercise


Standing Calf Increase

Carry out triple dropsets after the final 2 units, utilizing weights that trigger you to fail at 10 reps.

5 units, 20-30 reps (relaxation 1 min.)


Seated Calf Increase

Carry out single dropsets after the final 2 units, utilizing weights that trigger you to fail at 10 reps.

4 units, 15-20 reps (relaxation 1 min.)



Carry out all the reps on one aspect earlier than switching to the opposite aspect. Do not relaxation between sides and relaxation 30 sec. between units.

Calf Press On The Leg Press Machine

Carry out with a slight bend within the knee, so the gastrocnemius and soleus are each closely activated.

3 units, 15 reps (left aspect, no relaxation)

Calf Press On The Leg Press Machine

Carry out with a slight bend within the knee, so the gastrocnemius and soleus are each closely activated.

3 units, 15 reps (proper aspect, relaxation 30 sec.)

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