Google Cloud intros new program to help with 21st Century Cures API regs

Healthcare organizations got a six-month extension in October, but the compliance date for the information blocking provisions of the 21st Century Cures Act will be here sooner than many think – and the requirements around API-centric data exchange architecture will follow soon after.

The work required to build out an infrastructure toward that API ecosystem by 2022 will be substantial. So Google Cloud today launched its new Healthcare Interoperability Readiness Program to help health systems manage the transition.

“As we approach rolling implementation deadlines, healthcare organizations are wrestling with how to liberate data from siloed systems – not only to give patients more granular control of their data, but also to improve outcomes by giving doctors a more complete view into their patients’ conditions,” said Aashima Gupta, Google Cloud’s global director, healthcare strategy and solutions, and Amit Zavery, VP of its business application platform, in a blog post.

“The stakes are significant,” they said. “Yet, in speaking with our customers, the number of healthcare organizations that feel prepared to meet these new requirements is small. Why is this the case? In short, providers and payers aren’t sure where to start. And with many critical applications running on legacy IT