Middle East 2.0 – Empowering workforce development in digital healthcare

Healthcare staff have never played such a fundamental role as they have now in the throes of a global health crisis. They have been critical in providing resilient and holistic patient-centred care, which has highlighted the value in preparing the healthcare workforce for rapid transformational change. One, which is the shift to community-based care, is currently experiencing exponential growth and acceptance globally. From this, a more patient-centred healthcare landscape is emerging, making it vital that staff and patients are educated and supported to engage fully in the digital adoption of out of hospital care.

Dr Osama ElHassan is a health informatics specialist at Dubai Health Authority. He is also concurrently the vice president of the UAE Health Informatics Society and a co-founder & coordinator of the GCC Taskforce on Workforce Development in Digital Healthcare (ZIMAM), where he is at the forefront of driving digital healthcare workforce initiatives and workshops in the GCC region and is an impassioned advocate for workforce development for the younger population.

“ZIMAM is a non-for-profit initiative that was established in 2016 by a number of highly recognised eHealth professionals and educators across the GCC countries,” explains Dr ElHassan.

“Some of the co-founders were representing also key