Mayo Clinic, Safe Health form new venture focused on connected diagnostics

Mayo Clinic and Safe Health Group on Monday announced their collaboration on a new venture known Safe Health Systems, which they say can enable commodity diagnostics at a mass scale and help reduce the cost of low-complexity care processes.

Launched as part of the Mayo Clinic Platform, the proprietary data platform, SAFE, can boost access to affordable treatment for common medical conditions, including COVID-19.

This venture, launched as part of the Mayo Clinic Platform, “will provide the suite of apps and services that universities, employers and organizations need to restart in-person activities and support new care models,” said platform president Dr. John Halamka. 

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The SAFE platform can help speed the deployment of custom digital health applications, enabling artificial intelligence-powered care automation and remote point of care diagnostics. 

As deployed for COVID-19 testing, the technology links patients, clinicians and test providers through a smartphone app called HealthCheck. Once vaccines become available, the app can support vaccine workflow and verification.

Beyond COVID-19, its initial focus is to support testing for sexually transmitted diseases, strep throat, urinary tract infections, flu, ear infection and other common conditions. Platform developers note that