Valley Health System uses low-code to meet mobile app development challenges

Clinicians and leadership at Valley Health System, a regional health system that serves residents in northern New Jersey and southern New York, needed the ability to access key data and patient information to provide optimal healthcare on the go.


Because the health system provides various forms of healthcare – including oncology, diabetes care, cardiology and more – the organization couldn’t use a one-size-fits-all app and still meet the specific needs of its staff.

The health system determined it needed a centralized development platform that allowed users with minimal technical background to develop unique applications and as quickly as possible. Valley Health System needed to combine multiple desktop apps for operations, executive dashboards and decision-making software, while also ensuring data security and a scalable licensing model capable of supporting more than 5,000 users.

“Our organization was going through a similar change to what many healthcare organizations are facing, a need to be more mobile and utilize innovative technology,” said Michael Laidlaw, an IT manager at Valley Health System.

Laidlaw has been working in health IT at Valley Health System for 17 years. He currently oversees teams responsible for ancillary application support, application development, integration and data management.

“The ability