Achieving gender parity in the digital health workforce

At a recent HIMSS virtual workshop on achieving gender parity in the digital health workforce, a range of experts came together to discuss the recognition of women in health IT, major gender-based issues encountered in the workspace and key resources needed to improve the status quo.

Speakers included Daniel Johnston, clinical workflow specialist at Imprivata, Marianna Imenokhoeva, founder of LinktoMedicine, Stefanie Veraghtert, founder and director of Big C, Liz-Ashall Payne, founding CEO of ORCHA, Pascal Lardier, VP of content & media at HIMSS and Angela Velkova, director of communities and strategic relations EMEA at HIMSS.

Tackling gender norms in ICT

One of the topics touched on by the panel was women’s changing attitude to the ICT industry, particularly in the 1980s following the launch of Apple Macintosh and the boom in home computers. The panel discussed how the male dominant stereotype about ICT started.

Marianna Imenokhoeva, founder of LinktoMedicine said: “It’s not about our genes, it’s about our culture.”

The panel also looked at the percentage of women by fields in the US enrolled in ICT studies. Imenokhoeva explained: “You can see that this percentage was not always that low as we have right now. So for example, in 1985,